Why should I sign up for Casual Spectator?

We pick the biggest things happening in sports and give you a simple, smart synopsis when you need it — before a major event, or to recap what's happened over the weekend. Our goal is to help make busy, casual sports fans savvier about what’s happening in sports so you can have better conversations around the water cooler, out on a date, or with family and friends. 

What sports do you cover?

Casual Spectator mostly covers the four major North American sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), but we will keep you up to date on other major sporting events, including:

  • Tennis grand slams
  • Golf majors
  • NCAA football
  • NCAA basketball
  • European soccer 
  • the Kentucky Derby

What do you consider a "major sporting event"?

Simply put, we consider major sporting events to be anything that gets even the most casual of sports fans talking.

How often is Casual Spectator sent out?

At Casual Spectator, we promise not to flood your inbox. That being said, we want to ensure you’re kept up to date with important sporting events. You can expect preview and recap newsletters delivered to your inbox on weekday mornings, once or twice a week. 

Is Casual Spectator considered "theSkimm for Guys" or "theSkimm for Sports"?

If you want us to be. No, we think calling us theSkimm for sports or theSkimm for guys is flattering, as theSkimm is an awesome service. But this is definitely not just something for guys — it's for anyone with an interest in sports. 

Who is Casual Spectator?

Casual Spectator was founded by a couple of old McGill University roommates, Nathaniel Emodi and Brandon DuBreuil, in November, 2014. Nat is a mild sports fan (read: casual spectator) working in the technology and digital content space. Brandon is a bit of a sports nut who has taken up sports journalism over the past few years. He is a featured lead columnist at Bleacher Report and is the content director here at Casual Spectator. 

Who made your logo?

The very talented Einxel Reyes.