I love Casual Spectator! It gives me enough sports info to impress the big bosses at work and my husband — who’s a huge sports fan — at home! A big thank you from all of us not-so-much-into-sports peeps!
Sahar, Vancouver, BC
Reading it religiously (telling everyone about it) and loving it. Great idea!
— Andrew, San Francisco, CA
"I love Casual Spectator! I've always enjoyed playing and watching different sports, but struggle to find the time to follow consistently throughout a season. Casual Spectator has the right amount of information to keep me engaged without overwhelming my inbox."
— Dani, Vancouver, BC
Very happy that I signed up for Casual Spectator. You do a perfect job of encapsulating the sports world.
— Craig, Washington DC
The best damn sports email I have!
— Daniel, Los Angeles, CA
Love getting the emails. Helps cut through the BS for most sports. 
— Justin, Seattle, WA
I have an internship where knowing sports is a bonus, but I don't usually follow all the latest news. I'm always excited to see Casual Spectator in my inbox, helping me get a little more apprised with the world of sports. Since subscribing, I'm already amazing my family and friends. 
— Sophie, Lincoln, NE
Between working long hours and two kids running around the house, I can't seem to find the time to really follow sports regularly. Casual Spectator provides me what I need to know so I can carry on a conversation when I'm out with friends or at the office.
— John, Halifax, NS
No longer a reason to panic when my father-in-law asks me if I watched the football game. I love you guys.
— Brian, Washington DC
For anyone leading a busy life that is looking for a quick update on the world of sports, Casual Spectator is a godsend.
— Allan, Vancouver, BC
This is exactly the kind of newsletter I want — simple, witty, and interesting. It's done wonders for making me seem much better informed than I really am.
— Dan, New York, NY
I don't have the time or inclination to follow the world of sports closely, but its something my friends, family and colleagues all bond over. Casual Spectator gives me the basic level of sports literacy I need to be a part of those conversations.
— Maddie, New York, NY
This is so well done. Just sent around to half my office.
— David, Los Angeles, CA
Love what you're doing! It's a great way to keep up with what's going on in some sports that I don't follow as closely.
— Kevin, New York, NY
With all the sports I try to keep up with, I find that I’m not actually keeping up at all. This puts all my sports media needs in one place!
— Greg, Toronto, ON